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Welcome to Positive Nutrition

Welcome to Positive Nutrition, Ireland’s leading nutritional healthcare practice. Our practical, evidence-based, nutritional advice and dietary programes are designed to help improve your health naturally. So whether you are trying to lose weight, get pregnant, address female hormone issues or prevent osteoporosis, we can help you.


Benefit from our wealth of expertise

Positive Nutrition run Glenville Nutrition clinics and courses in Ireland, offering Dr Marilyn Glenville’s nutritional expertise in Dublin, Galway and Cork.




Nutrition and good health

With today’s stresses and strains, we can’t always take optimum health for granted. Too many of us get stuck in a routine of poor food choices and eating habits. We start to accept little health niggles, or even chronic conditions as ‘normal’, or part of the aging process…even when we’re in our prime. But this doesn’t have to be so and more and more people now recognise the critical role they play in maintaining their own good health through diet and lifestyle choices.

We offer expert guidance on how to optimise your diet and health. And just as importantly, we offer support and practical advice to enable you to make those changes.

Our team of nutritionists offer a range of services including one-to-one consultations, cookery classes, weight management programmes and corporate seminars on a wide variety of topics.

To find out more about how we can help you contact us today.


What our customers say about us

Clinic appointments

“I had been having irregular periods since I was eighteen. I had been to countless doctors, allergy clinics, gynaecologists and specialists in a desperate effort to rectify the situation. I was tested for everything under the sun, but there was no definitive answer and everyone remained perplexed as they advised me to simply slow down a bit”. Heather looked at my diet and lifestyle and could immediately pinpoint some things I had been doing, which I had actually believed were beneficial to my health. She gave sound advice on how to change my diet. After following her dietary and supplementation program which was both realistic and easy to follow considering my hectic schedule, my energy shot up, my skin cleared up, I felt healthier, more energetic and happier. It was actually on the day of my third consultation that my period returned. It’s amazing to have been given both a reason and a solution to my problem and to know that it was something in my control that I could change as long as I was given good concrete advice on what to do. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Heather was also welcoming and warm, which makes discussing such problems so much easier. And as well as my periods returning, I just feel a million times better in every aspect of my health”.
Rebecca, 23 yrs old, Dublin


Lose Fat Around The Middle – get your waist back course


“I’m now shopping for a dress size I haven’t worn in 10 yrs” Catherine 44

“The programme really worked for me and is the only one that has. I was really happy with my weight loss of almost 1 stone and the good news is it’s staying off” CJ, 29

“The course has changed my attitude to food and how I eat” Una, 47

“I have read so much in books but this course brought it all to life for me. Do the course, it will make a big difference to your health & how you feel about yourself’ Lucy, 54

“What makes this course different is that months later I have maintained the lost inches. I understand so much more about health, nutrition, and lifestyle” Simon, 49

“loved the class, so interesting, I never missed a session”, Helen, 70


Employee Programs

Positive Nutrition has provided seminars for UCD Staff on various nutritional topics since 2010. Heather is a very knowledgeable presenter who has an excellent way of getting her point across and has a warm, welcome attitude. I would thoroughly recommend her for any kind of nutrition programme. She is a pleasure to deal with and continuously comes up with new ideas to keep content fresh and up to date as health trends evolve.
Annabelle Kehoe, HR Learning & Development, UCD


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